• A Simple, Effective Time Tactic For Greater Personal Productivity
    How many hours or minutes of your day are wasted by engaging in some activity at the wrong time? I want to share with you a simple, effective, and often-unused trick for getting more done in less time … Continue Reading >
  • 6 Ideas To Manage Your Boss
    “I’m not getting any air time with my boss,” he says.  “I’ve got big ideas to share, problems I want to bounce off her, status on projects she needs to hear.  I want her input.  And often I need approval before I can go to the next step.  I need help pinning her down!  What can I do?” … Continue Reading >
  • Why We Overcomplicate Things
    And How To Reduce Complexity

    Ever feel like your life, your relationships, or your projects are a mess… too muddy and too complicated? Well, who doesn’t at times? … Continue Reading >
  • 9 Ideas To Overcome Procrastination
    Did you know between 80% and 95% of college students procrastinate on their school work, according to the American Psychological Association? Some say they work better under pressure, but this may not be true … Continue Reading >
  • 13 Ways To Manage Distractions In The Workplace
    How much better would your productivity be if you could have another 1 or 2, maybe even 3 hours during the day? Well, you can. By simply eliminating or minimizing distractions – those things that take our eye off the ball …
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  • Why Do Most Strategies Fail? 6 Reasons.
    The business landscape is littered with strategies that have failed… companies that have tried new directions, entered new markets with no success …
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  • 9 Essentials To Conduct The Perfect Meeting
    I was having a conversation with a CEO client of mine last week, and in it, he said to me, “Oh, I am so frustrated!  Meetings in our company take so long; they’re unproductive; they take us nowhere; we never come to resolution.  How do you fix this?!?”Continue Reading >
  • 6 Ways To Create a ‘Thinking Big’ Mindset
    Most people get small results in their life and it frustrates them.  And one of the reasons is, they think small to begin with … Continue Reading >
  • 4 Traits of Exceptional Leaders
    If there’s one leadership question that I get asked more than any, it’s probably this: “Rick, what’s the one thing I could do to be a better leader?” … Continue Reading >
  • 8 Steps To Achieving Your Goals
    Last week, a CEO I’m coaching told me he’s very frustrated that he’s having much better success in his business than he is in his non-business, personal life. He says that he’s quite unfulfilled, miserable, and he needs help … Continue Reading >
  • Motivating Your Team
    It is not the leader’s job to motivate staff.  If you have an under-performing employee who can’t seem to get up for the game, it is not a sign you’re a bad motivator.  It’s a sign you made a bad hire.  Everyone needs to be self-motivated … Continue Reading >
  • 6 Compelling Reasons To Encourage Confrontation
    I have no scientific statistics on this, but by my own personal observation, having worked with close to 300 high-power strategy teams and thousands of CEOs and senior executives – ‘confronting’ is one of most leaders’ least favorite things to do … Continue Reading >
  • The Essence of Strategic Planning Success
    You want to establish an unfair fight in the marketplace.  No, I don’t mean unethical or illegal.  I mean you want game-changing, competitive, strategic advantages your competitors likely don’t have … Continue Reading >
  • 6 Secrets of Time Management Mastery
    As a workshop and keynote speaker, strategic planning facilitator, and leadership trainer, I get asked all of the time … Continue Reading >
  • 4 Roadblocks To Setting Goals
    Today I want to talk about roadblocks to setting goals.  Much is written about why and how goal setting is effective – but this is about something different.  What stops people from setting goals. … Continue Reading >
  • 2 Key Challenges Most Businesses Face
    A funny thing happened to me last week.  I was speaking to a group of CEOs in a small group, and about 20 minutes in, one of the CEOs asked me this question … Continue Reading >
  • How To Kill Relationships
    Did you know the divorce rate in America has exceeded 50% for decades? Even worse, it exceeds 50% in second marriages too. This suggests that we’re not learning our lessons and we’re repeating the same mistakes …
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  • 4 Ways Leaders Self-Sabotage
    Today I want to talk about something rather provocative… 4 ways leaders self-sabotage their own influence with their own team.  You may be guilty of 1 or 2 of these, or maybe all 4 … Continue Reading >
  • 9 Powerful Components For Building Great Teams
    This past Monday morning, very first thing, I got a frantic call from a CEO client.   She said she was troubled all weekend and needed help … Continue Reading >