About Rick

Rick Houcek

Strategic planning coach, self-motivation workshop leader,
keynote speaker, CEO coach, and author – is president of
Soar With Eagles Enterprises, a company with a singular purpose:

To provide high-octane, world-class strategic planning systems for business and life —
helping ambitious leaders, teams and individuals achieve extraordinary results.

This guy is a class act! I run a $50 to $100 million company in the building material industry. I have used Rick as my facilitator for my strategic plan the last three years with remarkable results. He walks the talk and delivers exactly what he says. As the CEO, I can sit back and observe and participate as needed, but the result is a plan we can all buy into and can execute. The results? Sales growth up 70% in 3 years, and profits tripled. An accident? I don’t think so!”

Dave Boivin, President & CEO | Sto Corp., Atlanta

He does this 4 primary ways:

  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats for small and mid-size companies using his dynamic, accountability-driven Power Planning™ process
  • Leading self-motivation workshops that teach ambitious individuals a focused program for strategic life planning with his powerful Passion Planning™ model
  • Delivering high-energy keynote speeches on leadership and self-motivational themes
  • Offering books and tapes as self learning tools for success-driven winners

Rick is also President of Power Planning LLC, that certifies the Power Planning strategic retreat model to consultants and business coaches.

Former Corporate President

  • Ross Roy Advertising, an Atlanta ad agency and division of the $700 million Ross Roy Group.
  • Former clients (during full ad career) include Pizza Hut, The Athlete’s Foot, Hallmark Cards, Domino’s Pizza, Butler Buildings, 7-Eleven, Harlem Globetrotters, Royce Electronics, and The Georgia Dome.

CEO Coach

  • Former Group Chairman for Vistage International, the world’s leading think tank for 19,000+ owners, presidents and CEOs in 15 countries.  Led CEO roundtables for 10 years.
  • Has conducted more than 7,700 hours of one-on-one coaching with CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Strategic Planning Coach / Facilitator

  • Has led 292 high-stakes, offsite, strategic planning retreats for small and mid-size companies with his proprietary Power Planning Strategic Retreat process.  [For more detail on Rick’s strategic planning facilitation services, click on “Strategic Planning” on left-side blue menu.]

Keynote Speaker / Workshop Leader

  • Has performed 638 live keynote speeches and workshop presentations to audiences of all sizes in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on high-achievement, peak-performance, and success themes like:  strategic planning that drives action, high-integrity leadership, effective personal goal setting, discovering your life mission, passions, and core values, using positive affirmations for advantage, and other self-motivation and team-excellence subjects.  [For more detail on Rick’s presentations, click on both “Keynote Speeches” and “Self Motivation Workshop” on left-side blue menu.]


  • Who’s Who Among U.S. Executives
  • Who’s Who in Georgia
  • Who’s Who Among American Student Leaders (college)
  • 2003 Vistage UK Overseas Speaker of the Year (Vistage is an international organization of 14,000 CEOs in 15 countries)
  • Member of “The 200 Club” – one of 63 top international speakers (out of thousands) who has given 200+ speeches to Vistage CEO roundtables
  • South Carolina Speaker Hall of Fame (Vistage)


  • Wellness Advisory Committee, Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness
  • Vistage International, world’s leading think tank for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Executives
  • University of Missouri Alumni Association
  • Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

Books | Click Here to Buy

  • 12 Laws of Success In Life & Business
  • Get A Grip On Leadership: 9 Success Strategies For People In Charge
  • Be The Leader Your Followers Deserve: 8 Principles For Success
  • What It Takes To Be A High-Performing Manager: 14 Indisputable Laws For Success
  • Business Mastery: 7 Strategies To Drive Organizational Health
  • Create The Life You Crave: 7 Keys To Thriving Every Day
  • How To Light Your Own Fire Every Day: 9 Savvy Moves To Self-Motivate
  • 8 Winning Life Skills: For High Achievers And Those Who A spire To Be
  • Get Motivated! Get Moving! 8 Bold Strategies For A Life Of Action
  • 7 Stimulating Life Strategies To Invigorate Your Life, Starting Today
  • (Co-Author)  “Getting Things Done:  Keys To A Successful Business”
  • (Co-Author)  “Success Is A Decision Of The Mind”
  • (Co-Author)  “Leadership Defined”  
  • (Co-Author)  “Conversations On Success”
  • (Co-Author)  “The Power Of Motivation”
  • (Co-Author)  “Mission Possible!”
  • (Co-Author)  “Speaking Out!”


  • (Creator / Publisher)  “2-Minute Monday Motivator”
  • eBook: 7 Stimulating Strategies To Improve Your Life
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  • Graduate, University of Missouri, Bachelor of Journalism (Advertising)
  • President, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity


  • Rick is married to his soul mate, has awesome grown twins, and has 4 fanatical life passions:  (1) his family, (2) his personal health and fitness, (3) helping others prosper through his business, and (4) playing competitive baseball on a men’s senior team.