“Self Motivation For Winners™” Workshop

A Personal Life Goal Program…

To Help Ambitious Individuals Join The “1% Club” Of High Achievers!

“Success seldom goes to the smartest, best educated, or most talented. It goes to the Top 1% – and they’re very different. If you want to join them, keep reading.”

What a pro. Thank you for your forceful passion, your example of dedication. Every single CEO member agreed to start down your path. Wow! And here I sit, on a Friday night, working on my (life planning) book instead of lying around just feeling tired after four meetings in a row. Purpose is energizing!”

Glenn Waring, Chairman | Vistage International, Columbus, OH

The real winners in business and life –the Top 1% in any field –all have one thing in common.

You and your employees can have it, too!

What does the Top 1% have that the other 99% doesn’t?

The focus to manage their own personal and professional goals – regardless of intellect, academic degrees, talents or abilities! Goals that are built off clear personal passions, a compelling life mission, and deeply-held core values. Members of this exclusive 1% Club plan and act on what they really want in all areas of their lives. They are high achievers –ordinary people getting extraordinary results! And their workplace performance shows it.

How would your company benefit if all your people were high achievers in all areas of their lives?

Would employee attitudes be energized? Might the workplace atmosphere be more vibrant and electric? Would morale be higher? Could you land more customers and keep them delighted with extraordinary service? Might sales and profits be higher? Yes, all these could happen if your company was populated with high achievers.

So how do you transform your people into “1% Club” high achievers?

You must first understand these 3 critical principles:

  1. You hire the total person. People don’t turn off their personal life when they arrive for work in the morning. Nor should you want them to. They bring it all.
  2. People think in terms of “what’s in it for me?” Said another way, employees will only be eager to help your company meet its goals if they first see how their own personal goals will be met in the process. Do you even know the personal goals of your people? Do they know their own? (Most people don’t.)
  3. You don’t transform anyone –they transform themselves. In others words, you can’t motivate your people – they must be self-motivated. Why? Because everyone is driven from within — even the slow movers. High achievers are more successful because they drive harder and faster, with more focus, clarity and consistency.

What do these three principles mean to you?

They mean you need to be providing your people with self-motivation skill training – so they canlight their own fires –and blend their goals with yours. So they win. The company wins. And you win.

I wanted to give our people a session that would help them personally – and you hit a home run. I am having each manager share one goal during our manager meeting next week and we will act as a support group to help each other attain our goals. I am at a crossroads in my life, having accomplished a great deal, but also wanting to do more. This session really helped me focus on my life and re-set my goals. I am thankful for your mission to help other people. Thanks again for a wonderful session.”

Bruce Leech, President/CEO | CrossCom National, Chicago, IL

Is self motivation in-born –or is it a learned skill?

Good news. It is very much a learned skill. Research agrees that the most effective motivation is that which is self-generated, and that it’s largely a matter of attitude. Since attitudes are merely ”habits of thought”, it follows that anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort needed to develop a new habit of thought can become self-motivated.

What are the teachable skills and tools of self motivation?

There are many. Among them are:

  • Establishing a personal mission statement or core purpose for your life.
  • Determining your personal guiding values.
  • Gaining clarity on your personal life passions.
  • Developing a goal setting system and habit.
  • Creating a plan of action for each goal.
  • Developing an easy-to-use system for regular planning and review.

Where can you find this self motivation teaching for your people?

From Rick Houcek. His company’s single core purpose is to provide high-octane, world-class strategic planning systems for business and life, to success-driven leaders and teams. In Rick’s “Self Motivation For Winners” workshop, he helps individuals and companies profit by teaching ordinary people the time-tested skills and tools for extraordinary personal performance. The workshop is a focused system designed to help ambitious individuals succeed “on purpose, most of the time”, rather than “by accident, some of the time”. It’s a methodology to predictably and reliably achieve the desirable results you want…a “how-to” formula for creating a strategic plan for your life.

What makes Rick Houcek’s workshop effective?

These 2 powerful ingredients:

  1. Your people learn the specific “how to”. This isn’t a “short term pump-up” program. Rick gives the how-to tools for lasting use. While each person must make an individual choice to use the tools, they can never say they don’t know them or have them. They’ll have everything they need.
  2. Your people are more apt to stick with it. Programs that teach theory only, but leave participants to “do all the work later”, have no lasting value, because it seldom gets done. Rick gets people involved in doing and using these how-to activities during the workshop –as well as laying out a blueprint for long-term action. Once there’s momentum, it’s easier to stick with it.

Rick, you did a great job with my group! Having listened to the tapes and now seen several members (all CEOs), you certainly generated a lot of enthusiasm for goal setting –and your own passion for what you believe came through very strongly. It’s always good to hear a speaker who patently practices what he preaches. Almost every member has re-evaluated his approach to goals and plans and time planning as a result of your session. More interesting is the effect on members who were not present but have listened to the tapes. Three of them have adopted your approach 100% and have asked me to be an integral part of the follow-up process. I thought you would like to know.”

Graham Thompson, Chairman | Vistage-UK, London, England

What is the “Self Motivation For Winners” workshop format?

It is an interactive, highly participative program conducted for people in one company, on-site or off, in 7 hours (6-hour workshop and a 1-hour lunch). However, Rick will also work with you to fit the material into your timeframe, as best as possible. You are also strongly urged to hold a minimum of four, 2-hour, in-house, follow-up support sessions over a 12-week period – or to push people to create their own “eagle teams” with scheduled meetings.

How will your company benefit from this workshop?

You and your company are direct beneficiaries of what your people learn.

  • Your people will be better able to get on board with company goals. Because they will be able to see, for the first time perhaps, how company goals align with their own personal agendas. That breeds win-win harmony.
  • You’ll have a more energized workforce. Clarity of purpose can have a dramatic effect on people –and that’s what goal setting does. The vast majority of people don’t have clearly-articulated, written, personal goals in the first place. So how could they match company objectives?
  • Your people will be more value-based and action-oriented. Those two combine to equal ethical achievement.

Some of what your people will learn:

  • How to prioritize what they want in their lives –to focus on their success.
  • How to create and manage their goals –like top achievers in all walks of life.
  • How to eliminate what they don’t want in their lives –to wipe out inefficiency.
  • How to track their progress –to stay motivated.
  • How to make goal setting a habit –in both their work and personal lives.
  • How to link personal goals to company goals –for win-win performance.

Some of what they’ll actually engage in during the workshop:

  • Clarifying their passions.
  • Discovering their personal life mission (core purpose) –to crystallize their life’s direction.
  • Uncovering their core behavioral values.
  • Writing one or more personal long- and short-range goals.
  • Crafting a plan of action for goals they choose –for immediate and ongoing goal accomplishment.
  • A system of daily self pep talks –to fuel the fire of self-esteem.
  • An easy-to-use, follow-thru format –for sticking with their plan.

Who should attend?

Anyone whose improved performance can benefit your company.

  • Your employees. Top company leaders, senior and middle managers, supervisors, managers, salespeople, plant workers, office staff, and anyone else committed to getting more out of his or her life and job.
  • Family members of your employees. A gift your employees will thank you for.
  • Employees of your top customers. A wonderful way to reward them for their business support and loyalty.
  • Employees of your top vendors. They make you look good with your customers; this is a powerful payback.
  • Employees of your top customer prospects. Be a hero and tell a prospective customer: “We’ve bought seats for 10 employees of your choice. Reward your top winnersit’s on us.” Helping your prospects grow and develop their people makes a valued-added statement about you and your company. One that just may close the deal.

Best workshop on personal development I’ve ever seen. It contains an exact methodology for personal development that I know works! I love the part where you come right out and say what has to be said –that we are responsible for our own success or failure!”

Craig Aberle, CEO | MicroBiz, Mahwah, NJ

3 more compelling benefits for bringing this workshop in-house.

  1. Training an entire staff multiplies the value. There’s an energy that prevails when a team learns new skills and ideas together – a greater spirit and group understanding.
  2. It’s conveniently on-site (or near-site), and at a time of your choosing. Plan the program to suit your calendar and location.
  3. Confidential issues stay that way. Subjects that are inappropriate for a public workshop setting can get full airing in a closed, one-company-only session (if you don’t invite outside guests).

Looking for a creative way to land that new client?

Here’s a powerful idea: Sponsor this workshop exclusively for your prospect’s employees and families, at a time and place of their choosing. You pay the tab. Their people grow. What do you think will be your chances of landing the prospect now?

Enormous self gratification to see my companions grow – to learn to commit, do, accomplish, and have the courage to celebrate the success. Rick, your enthusiasm is an example of how to – by living your dream.”

Bruce Thompson, CEO | Thompson Equipment Company, New Orleans, LA

How does Rick charge?

Rick charges one flat fee which includes all his travel expenses plus handouts for up to 50 people. (You can invite more –as many as you like in fact – but there’s a per-handout charge beyond 50.) Yes, you read it right –Rick absorbs his own travel expenses.

Clients say it best – read what attendees have said about this workshop.

Click Here for comments from dozens of people who have attended Rick’s workshop. These could be your people saying these gratifying things about a workshop you provided for them, making you a hero.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting where you did your presentation on setting personal goals here. I understand from other members of my group that you were great. Even though I missed the live presentation, I know for certain that the content and effectiveness of your program was fantastic! In January 2001, I took a trip out west for three days on some business. However, I also made sure to schedule free time to listen to, and participate in, your presentation (on tape). I did just that and it was, and continues to remain, an awesome experience for me. Over a period of one week, spending time each morning at the coffee shop I was able to crystallize my own mission statement, values list, affirmations and even a word picture representing a future vision for myself and my family. In addition to all of this, I also spent time building a master want list, and filling out my first goal sheet. Incidentally, my goal was to run five miles in 50 minutes or less by September 1 of this year. I reached this goal by June. Since that time, I have competed in three 5K races with great results! I’ve lost 12 pounds, and I’ve been working out on a regular stretch, strength and cardiovascular program since February. A long time ago, I read Covey’s “7 Habits” and was a little disappointed when he so briefly covered the idea of a Personal Mission Statement. I went out and purchased a couple books on Mission and Vision Statements, however, none of them was able to assist me as well as the program you presented. I want to thank you for putting together such a powerful set of exercises as they assisted me greatly!”

Nick Stavropoulos, Vice President | Detroit, MI

Book the workshop today. Here’s how:

Just contact Rick and lock it in. (770-391-9122 or [email protected]) You handle all the on-site meeting room arrangements –find and pay for the room, coffee breaks, a light lunch, and a/v equipment. That’s all there is to it. Couple of phone calls. Why wait?

I valued the understanding that I am in control of my life and responsible for its results. I recommend the workshop because it provides the framework and methodology to lead a fulfilling life.”

Eric Joiner, Vice Chairman | AJC International, Atlanta, GA

If you and your people are not making the progress you would like, or are capable of making, it is simply because your goals, missions, passions and values are not clearly defined. If you want to improve… have the ambition and drive to take the necessary actions… and need help with tools to get you there… then this workshop is for you. It can be life-changing if you’ll embrace and use the concepts presented. Engage your people in this results-oriented workshop that will energize their lives and add vitality to your company.

Before using Rick’s system, I wasn’t being specific enough about my goals, and I didn’t have the essential elements of a well-planned goal. When I turned 30, I said to myself, ‘What if, when I was 20, I had a set of goals to accomplish certain things during the upcoming decade?’ I wrote down everything I learned in my twenties, which included all of my major accomplishments – everything from marriage to starting a business and having children – and I decided, ‘When I turn 40, I want to be able to look back on my thirties, and have accomplished my plan.’ Using that goal format, I was able to lay out a decade plan for where I wanted to be at age 31, 32, 33, etc. One of my biggest goals was to be a CEO by the time I was 35, and in fact, I hit that goal by the age of 32. Having that plan in place made me more competitive with myself by helping me try harder to reach it earlier than I planned. All of the aspects of that decade plan came back to Rick’s system. The most important thing for me regarding the decade plan has been not only putting together one or more goals, but crafting a plan with dozens of smaller goals as well, to help me achieve the larger ones. The plan has positively affected my company’s bottom line and helped us achieve major milestones in our business. Everybody’s on the same page and more clear and focused about our goals. In fact, our objectives are so clear, we know whether we’ve hit them or not. There’s not a lot of gray area, which is great!”

David Lee, (former) CEO | AirShares Elite, Atlanta, GA

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