Leadership Excellence

High-integrity, high-performance leadership
is in short supply in today’s world.

You pick the field – business, politics, sports, academia, entertainment, wherever – and you’ll find only a handful of truly principled, worthy, masterful leaders.

I wish to change that wherever I’m invited to help.

Whatever the format – workshops, keynotes, or one-on-one coaching – I have been a zealot for – and trainer of – leaders who make a positive difference to their constituents.

My “Leadership Excellence” program can be divided into 3 parts – Lead Yourself, Lead the Team, Lead The Company – and delivered in 3 consecutive days. Or delivered 1 day at a time spread over months.

But I most enjoy tailoring my trainings to the specific needs of your organization, team, or individuals.

What are my credentials for teaching the important skills of effective leadership to your team?

A 39-year business career that includes:

  • Former corporate president of Ross Roy Advertising, an Atlanta ad agency and division of the $700 Ross Roy Group. I’ve walked in the top leader’s shoes, lived a president’s issues, rallied the troops, faced the tumultuous ups and downs of business cycles, made payroll every 2 weeks, picked myself up from disappointments, lived with the criticism leaders inevitably attract… and through it all, attracted quality people, had delighted clients, and ran a profitable enterprise.
  • Former Group Chairman with Vistage International, the world’s leading think tank for 19,000+ owners, presidents and CEOs in 15 countries. Led CEO roundtables for 10 years
  • Having conducted more than 7,700 hours of one-on-one coaching with CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • ‘Lessons learned’ from having facilitated 289 high-stakes client strategic planning retreats using my proprietary Power Planning™ process, that helps clients to (1) achieve committed leadership team buy-in to the plan, (2) a tracking system to keep the plan active, and (3) my system of Escape-Proof Accountability™ to ensure successful implementation.
  • Best practices accumulated over a 39-year career from:
    • 110 strategic planning clients in 85 different industries
    • 630+ CEO and senior executive peer group meetings over 27 years
    • 7700+ hours of one-on-one coaching with CEOs
    • 460+ advertising clients over an 18-year ad agency career
  • Having delivered 624 live keynote speeches and workshop presentations to high achiever audiences of all sizes in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on high-achievement, peak-performance, and success themes like: strategic planning that drives action, high-integrity leadership, effective personal goal setting, discovering your life mission, passions, and core values, using positive affirmations for advantage, and other self-motivation and team-excellence subjects.
  • Recognition achieved:
    • Who’s Who Among U.S. Executives
    • Who’s Who in Georgia
    • Who’s Who Among American Student Leaders (college)
    • 2003 Vistage UK Overseas Speaker of the Year (Vistage is an international organization of 14,000 CEOs in 15 countries)
    • Member of “The 200 Club” – one of 63 top international speakers (out of thousands) who has given 200+ speeches to Vistage CEO roundtables
    • South Carolina Speaker Hall of Fame (Vistage)
  • Tangible proof of my work… a collection of verbatim testimonial comments from the only people who can believably offer that proof – my prestigious paying clients – CEOs, senior executives, leadership teams, and keynote/workshop attendees.
  • Author/contributor of 15 books/newsletters (hard bound, paperback, video books, audiobooks, e-books):
    • “Get A Grip On Leadership: 9 Success Strategies For People In Charge”
    • “12 Laws of Success In Life & Business”
    • “Be The Leader Your Followers Deserve: 8 Principles For Success”
    • “Business Mastery: 7 Strategies To Drive Organizational Health”
    • “Leadership Defined”
    • “What It Takes to Be A High-Performance Manager: 14 Non-Negotiable Laws”
    • “ How To Light Your Own Fire Every Day: 9 Savvy Moves To Self-Motivate”
    • “Create The Life You Crave: 7 Keys To Thriving Every Day”
    • “8 Winning Life Skills For High Achievers”
    • “Get Motivated! Get Moving! 8 Bold Strategies For A Life Of Action”
    • “7 Stimulating Strategies To Invigorate Your Life”
    • “Getting Things Done: Keys To A Successful Business”
    • “Success Is A Decision Of The Mind”
    • “Conversations On Success”
    • “The Power Of Motivation”
    • “Mission Possible!”
    • “Speaking Out!”
    • “2-Minute Monday Motivator” E-Newsletter

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