4 Powerful Ways I Can Help You

RickHoucek“I help success-driven leaders and teams
solve one of their most intolerable problems –
lousy implementation of growth-oriented goals.
My Power Planning™ strategic process does it.
 (I’ve led 274 client strategy sessions.)  And my
Escape-Proof Accountability™ system
assures successful execution.”
Rick Houcek
 Strategy Coach
for Business & Life


“This guy is a class act! I run a $50 to $100 million company…I have used Rick as my facilitator for my strategic plan the last three years with remarkable results. Sales growth up 70% in 3 years, and profits tripled. An accident? I don’t think so!
> Dave Boivin, President & CEO, Sto Corp., Atlanta

“I hope every CEO has the opportunity to work with Rick Houcek – a dedicated business leader and a man who really ‘gets it’ when it comes to business.” 
> Nan Sharp, CEO, Food For Thought, Chicago

1. Strategic Planning
Ever created a great business plan, full of vim, vigor and vitality — only to see it nose dive in a few months with few people doing what they pledged, no one held accountable, excitement flaming out – then one day it finally crashes and burns, not to be mentioned again?It happens to companies everywhere. I can help you forever stop the premature death of your goals caused by weak execution.This isn’t new for me. I’ve led 274 client strategy sessions using my dynamic Power Planning™ Strategic Retreat process.It’s ideal for entrepreneurs – small to mid-size businesses who are swift, lean, fast-paced, and sometimes cash-low. It’s also ideal for autonomous divisions, subsidiaries, and regional offices of large corporations.Part of what makes me unique is my Escape-Proof Accountability™ system that counteracts the crippling effects of lousy implementation – by far the single biggest cause of strategic plan failure.For most organizations, their plans die between 3 and 6 months after creation, leaving leaders and teams bewildered, angry and lamenting “Why can’t we sustain the excitement and execution?” If you’ve pulled a few hairs out because of this (I did, see picture above), I can help YOU.

My CEO clients will tell you their plans get implemented.

Having done planning since the 1970s, I’ve drawn 3 conclusions:

  1. When done right and implemented well, planning can take a company beyond the next level,
  2. Lousy implementation kills more good plans than any other single factor, and
  3. Large and small companies require different planning models… what works for mega-giant corporations won’t work for smaller entrepreneurs.

Here’s the difference in Point (3) above: Smaller, entrepreneurial companies…

  • Don’t have full-time MBA strategists on-staff to plan… mega-giant corporations do.
  • Don’t have time for a drawn-out, 4-6 month process… mega-giant corporations do.
  • Don’t have the money for a cost-draining procedure… mega-giant corporations do.
  • Don’t have patience for all the hair-pulling complexity… mega-giant corporations do.

As a small to mid-size business (or an autonomous division of a large company), you need a planning model that fits the swift, lean, smaller size you already are. You should not have to morph yourself to fit the expensive, time-sapping, big-guy model that doesn’t fit you.

My approach fits you.

Click Here for more details on how Rick’s dynamic Power Planning™ method can save you time, energy, frustration, and money by ensuring successful implementation.

2. Self Motivation Workshop
Have you ever stared in amazement as a dynamic leader, an accomplished athlete, a loving parent, a profound healer — or anyone you admire in any walk of life — seems to draw the admiration of many and “win” with surprising and effortless consistency……then wondered to yourself… How can I enjoy that same level of success? What traits does she have that I don’t? Or… What’s his hidden secret for repetitive triumph?Don’t be in the dark any longer.My one-day program “Self Motivation For Winners” is a focused blueprint designed to help ambitious go-getters succeed on purpose, most of the time…rather than by accident, some of the time.It’s a methodology to predictably achieve the desirable results you want in your life, both short and long-term. In essence, the program – which uses my Passion Planning™ system – is a how-to formula for creating a strategic plan for your life. This workshop is best when brought into a company for its own employees. For extended value, also invite family members, plus employees of key customers and vendors. And how about employees of prospective customers – it just may land you some business.

It is specifically suited for success-driven winners and those who truly aspire to be. Couch potatoes who are all talk and no action are advised to not attend. Please don’t invite them – they’ll poison the stew for the rest.

Click Here for more details on Rick’s powerful “Self Motivation For Winners” workshop.

3. Keynote Speeches
My speaking themes are all built on leadership and individual performance improvement – for leaders, for senior executives, for teams, for individuals – for anyone committed to improving their life or organization.My messages can be delivered to groups of 10, 100, or 10,000.  I’ve been privileged to address 603 international keynote and workshop audiences in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.I draw on my 39 years in business, working eyeball-to-eyeball with owners, presidents and CEOs of small to mid-size businesses and large corporations – and being one myself — plus high achievers of other titles and professions.I proudly wear the same battle scars as any company leader, and my talks lift from those in-the-trenches experiences.More importantly, here’s my commitment to you:Every time I speak, audiences will leave with tangible, usable, time-proven tools for self improvement – not lofty philosophy that doesn’t translate into action.Click Here for more details on Rick’s high-energy keynote speeches.
4. Books & Tapes
Want to curl up and devour an idea-rich book with winning strategies you can apply NOW to your life or business?  You’re in the right place.I have proudly co-authored these 7 books now available on personal improvement, success, leadership, and business-building themes…

  • “Success Is A Decision Of The Mind”
  • “Leadership Defined”
  • “Getting Things Done: Keys To Business Success”
  • “Conversations On Success”
  • “The Power Of Motivation”
  • “Mission Possible!”
  • “Speaking Out!” 

Among my esteemed co-authors are wellness specialist Deepak Chopra, co-creator of ”Chicken Soup For The Soul” Mark Victor Hansen, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, best-selling author and motivational icon Dr. Stephen Covey, UN Ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes, advisor to 4 U.S. presidents and USC professor Warren Bennis, millionaire-maker Brian Tracy, cookie magnate Wally “Famous” Amos, author and former TV host Les Brown, ”One-Minute Manager” author Ken Blanchard, and international speaker, trainer and author Mark Sanborn.

Also, 2 CDs are in production and soon to be released – one on finding your life passion, the other on leadership effectiveness.  They are dynamic learning tools for go-getters in your organization — even ambitious family members — and they’ll make ideal gifts.

Click Here for more details on Rick’s books and CDs — including how to buy.